52 Weeks of Composition – Week 3

Sorry I’m late! It’s been a crazy week so far, what with the States descending into a chaotic tire fire and the Rossland Winter Carnival taking place this weekend. Luckily, I finished my illustration earlier in the week – I just forgot to write and post a blog post!

Anyways, here we go!


Two Dominant Focal Points

This illustration is an idea I’ve had for a series for a while, which is the story of three raccoons that break into a house called Raccoon Break-In. I’ve been using the golden ratio to plot out my compositions since the first week’s exercise and it’s been working out pretty well. In this composition I was hoping to have two points of interest, which I found a little bit challenging. In the end I decided to do a pretty sharp contrast where I wanted a suggested glow from an offside fireplace to be. I chose a warm orange and tried a fair amount of underpainting though out the illustration to make the colour a bit less jarring while still providing impact. I’m pretty pleased with how this one turned out!