52 Weeks of Composition – Week 2

Single Point of Interest

This week things flowed a little bit smoother than they did last week. It was a bit easier for me to think outside the box and push my own boundaries. I started with an illustration that I had already started to work on, the idea being that I could take something that I wasn’t feeling satisfied with and adjust the composition so that I felt better about the illustration.

Here’s the original illustration:

I started this illustration a couple of years ago and never finished it because the composition wasn’t working and I was so frustrated. I knew it wasn’t working out and wasn’t having the effect I wanted, but I was struggling to make sense of why. In this illustration, the focus is meant to be on the rabbit. There is so much detail and stark contrast in the background and so many other bright colours, that instead your eye is drawn to everything but the rabbit and she just fades into the background. It’s total chaos.

Here’s the redo, keeping in mind that the rabbit is meant to be a single point of focus.

In this version I’ve cut out a ton of unimportant detail in the background. The important part here is that you have a rabbit, and she’s having tea with her stuffed animal outside, which clearly comes across without all of the additional clutter in the background. The  contrast is strongest between the outline of the rabbit and her fur. The lighting on her face brings your attention immediately to it, allowing you to focus on the expression on her face. The story in the new illustration is much clearer now that the image is less cluttered.