The 52 Weeks of Composition Challenge – Intro Post

One of the things I tend to struggle with most when it comes to drawing is putting together a great composition. Where does everything go? How can I deliberately draw attention to a certain element? How do I put together a pleasing looking landscape? HEY, WHERE ARE YOUR EYES GOING? GET BACK HERE AND LOOK AT THIS THING!

I know a lot of the theory and most of the rules but I really feel like I could stand to challenge myself a little bit. I never really internalized the information which is why I bring to you…. The 52 Weeks of Composition Challenge!

So, What’s The 52 Weeks of Composition Challenge?

Basically, I’ll be practicing composition for the next 52 weeks by finishing an illustration that utilizes a specific composition rule or element. Every Friday I’ll post the finished illustration with an explanation of what worked and what didn’t with some examples of what I tried. I’ll also be posting the illustrations on twitter using #52compositions. For anyone who wants to join in, here’s my schedule:

  1. 3 to 5 Ratio/Golden Mean
  2. One Dominant Focal Point
  3. Two Dominant Focal Points
  4. Pattern
  5. Negative/Positive
  6. Movement
  7. Structure
  8. Framing
  9. One Point Perspective
  10. Contrast
  11. Leading Lines
  12. Detail
  13. Two Point Perspective
  14. Saturation
  15. Golden Spiral
  16. Faces
  17. Gaze of People
  18. Golden Triangles
  19. Counter Point
  20. S Curve
  21. Value
  22. C Curve
  23. Depth
  24. Viewpoint
  25. Positioning
  26. Rhythm + Repetition
  27. Cropping
  28. O Curve
  29. Steelyard
  30. Balanced Scales

As the challenge progresses I’ll have a better idea of what I’d like to spend more time and I’ll fill the rest in.

See you on Friday for the first #52compositions illustration!


Where to Put The Cow – Anita Griffin

The Secret to Composition – Lulie

The Composition Hierarchy – Dan Scott

Above are a couple of links to resources I’ve found online – I’ll be adding new resources as I find them on my 52 Weeks of Composition Pinterest Board.